Torre Fiscale Park: A Blend of History and Nature

The Torre Fiscale Park, a segment of the Appian Way, boasts aqueducts and a historic tower. Walking and bike paths wind through the 4500-hectare park, as greenery and vineyards run alongside the Roman aqueducts of Aqua Claudia and Aqua Marcia. I saw locals taking family bike rides, friends playing soccer and people enjoying walks. I found this a great park to read a book, ride a scooter, and enjoy the scenery on a late summer afternoon. 

One of the key features of Torre Fiscale Park is the 30-meter-high tower which dates back to the twelfth and thirteenth centuries. Originally designed to protect the estates of the noble families, the tower now stands as a reminder of the community’s post-war efforts to preserve the park from urban development. As of June of 2024, the Ministry of Culture is proposing the inclusion of the Appian Way on the  UNESCO World Heritage List.

The nonprofit La Torre del Fiscale partakes in the Ecomuseum organization with the mission to conserve and enhance the ancient road. One way this community organization promotes the rediscovery of this ancient gem is by hosting live music festivals and educational ecological experiences for children.

Torre Fiscale Park revitalizes ancient history by inviting everyone to rediscover and protect Rome’s monuments in a serene park. 

Jinamai Joseph is currently interning at Universita Popolare Di Torpignattara for the summer of 2024 through Living and Learning International Southeastern University.

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