Nuova Cinema Aquila: A Transformed Cinema

The Nuovo Cinema Aquila, or New Cinema Aquila, holds a fascinating history now being reshaped for the Pigneto neighborhood. Located within a 10-minute walking distance from Pedestrian Island, this cinema enhances the trendy atmosphere of Pigneto.

The Nuovo Cinema Aquila building was originally constructed in the 1940s and was formerly owned by the Mafia Capitale. In 2003 the building was confiscated under Law 109 of 1996 which requires seized assets to be used for social purposes. After a four-year renovation estimated to cost 2 million euros, it was inaugurated in May 2008. Now under the leadership of SOL.CO Solidarity and Cooperation Consortium, Nuovo Cinema Aquila is transformed into a social experience for Pigneto. Sol.Co Rome enhances the community’s economic health by hiring residents. 

The cinema holds three theaters and multi-use rooms for various activities fostering cultural, creative, and community activities. Today, Nuovo Cinema is a symbol of transformation offering an artistic haven for the Pigneto neighborhood.

Jinamai Joseph is currently interning at Universita Popolare Di Torpignattara for the summer of 2024 through Living and Learning International Southeastern University.

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