Discovering Pigneto’s Pedestrian Oasis

Pigneto’s trendy Pedestrian Island is a perfect spot for socializing. On this street you can find restaurants, cafes (also known as “bars” in Italy), fruit and vegetable stands, ice cream parlors, all offering a wide variety of culinary delights. The vibrant street art adds to the unique charm of Pedestrian Island. 

Every morning, Isola Pedonale comes alive with vendors selling various fruits, vegetables and even an intriguing collection of books. Some mornings I enjoy buying a fresh peach from a local vendor and then having breakfast and working from a cafe. One morning I enjoyed a croissant and citrus tea from The Forum, a coffee shop found in Pedestrian Area. This vibrant street transforms into a lively hangout with bright string lights inviting people to relax at the end of an evening. 

Pigneto’s pedestrian-friendly zone was renovated in 2015 introducing park benches, green spaces and new paving. Now Isola Pendonale welcomes locals and tourists alike to experience this pedestrian oasis in Rome.

Jinamai Joseph is currently interning at Universita Popolare Di Torpignattara for the summer of 2024 through Living and Learning International Southeastern University.

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