An Unexpected Lake for a Roman Community – Part 1

Upon arriving at Ex-Snia Park in the Roman neighborhood of Pigneto, it appeared to be a peaceful park where people walk, bike ride, and kids play. That day, elementary students gathered to learn about bees from local beekeepers. The teachers and beekeepers enthusiastically conveyed their passion for nature. At this moment I knew that Ex-Snia Park holds a special place in this community. After walking for a few minutes, I discovered the artificial lake with a contentious history.

In the lake, an incomplete building is submerged in the water. In the 1990s a development company planned to build a shopping mall where SNIA Viscosa, a textile factory,  stood abandoned since 1954. During excavation, the construction crew hit a water vein which spontaneously created an artificial lake now known as Lago Bullicante. In an attempt to continue construction, the water was pumped from the lake but flooded the surrounding neighborhoods instead. Citizens increased their involvement in preserving the new nature reserve after discovering the development company obtained falsified maps.

Since then, citizens have continued to advocate for the protection of Lago Bullicante and the thriving ecosystem within it. Today, Lago Bullicante sends a reminder to protect nature.

Jinamai Joseph is currently interning at Universita Popolare Di Torpignattara for the summer of 2024 through Living and Learning International Southeastern University.

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