A Historical Walk Through Via del Mandrione and the Clement Fountain

Via del Mandrione in Torpignattara Rome offers a fascinating blend of historical and cultural experiences. On one side of this road are train tracks while the other side holds the magnificent Felice Aqueduct, with homes sporadically nestled between these features. Beyond this contrast of old and new, Mandrione Road also boasts a cultural heritage as the backdrop for Italian films like  “Accattone” (1961) and “Il Medico Della Mutua” (1968).

A highlight of this walk along Via del Mandrione is reaching the Fountain of Clement XII, set against the historical grandeur of the aqueducts. Originally built in 1586, this fountain’s façade boasts a mask with bats’ tails and a shell-shaped basin. Above this basin is Clement XII’s coat of arms.

The intersection of ancient history and everyday life on Via Mandrione is captivating. Cars drive under Felice Aqueduct arches, trains run parallel and homes are nestled around historical structures.  Walking along Via del Mandrione offers an insightful experience, showcasing how Rome’s ancient history and culture seamlessly blend with its modern urban life.

Jinamai Joseph is currently interning at Universita Popolare Di Torpignattara for the summer of 2024 through Living and Learning International Southeastern University.

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